Harvard:Biophysics 101/2007/04/26

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  • One more time... Post what you plan to do on your personal page, and link to it below with 1-line summary.

In the news


  • Xiaodi: An account of the developments on the new server thus far; then, furthermore a proposal, request, and random thought for the class, basically outlining what I plan to work on over the next week or so
  • Tiff: [X](1) Organize Project page, [X](2) Look into medical site clickthrus/disclaimers, [X](3) Look at licensing options, [ ](4) Write code from input: (number) rs# --GeneCards--> output: (number) allelic frequency, [ ] (5) Present something
  • Resmi: Update of what I have done so far and plan to do this coming week. Also, I find this project very interesting and would love to contribute to continue to contribute to this project. So, please let me know what else I can help with!
  • Cynthia: Working code for getting mesh terms from PMIDs (modify/fix Resmi's)! Rs#->pubmed articles->mesh terms(->prevalence)
  • Zach: Compile code I have written / generalize my BLAST script from earlier / help with other tasks
  • Chris: Revise XML parse to yield a dict class, not a list. Write my half of the false-positive code. Document the rest of my code for Katie. Try to figure out how we could apply quality control to hits identified by Zach's code
  • Deniz: Sharpen the mapping between terms through pubmed and condition/disease, and integrate the news/feed scripts.
  • Hetmann: Work with eMedicine.