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Note: This list is incomplete/out of date.
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N.A. Shah, R.J. Laws, B. Wardman, L.P. Zhao and J.L. Hartman IV. Accurate, precise
modeling of cell proliferation kinetics from time-lapse imaging and automated image analysis
of agar yeast culture arrays. BMC Systems Biology 2007, 1:3. [http://www.biomedcentral.com/1752-0509/1/3 Paper]
Hartman JL, Tippery NP: Systematic quantification of gene interactions by phenotypic array analysis. Genome Biol 2004, 5(7):R49.
Hartman JL, Garvik B, Hartwell L: Principles for the buffering of genetic variation. Science 2001, 291(5506):1001-1004.
Hartman JL, Northup JK: Functional reconstitution in situ of 5-hydroxytryptamine2c (5HT2c) receptors with alphaq and inverse agonism of 5HT2c receptor antagonists. J Biol Chem 1996, 271(37):22591-22597.
Hartman J, Huang Z, Rado TA, Peng S, Jilling T, Muccio DD, Sorscher EJ: Recombinant synthesis, purification, and nucleotide binding characteristics of the first nucleotide binding domain of the cystic fibrosis gene product. J Biol Chem 1992, 267(10):6455-6458.

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