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*Thomas Hanson [http://www.ocean.udel.edu/people/profile.aspx?tehanson] or [http://www.dbi.udel.edu/People/hanson.html] [Hanson Web Page]
*Thomas Hanson [http://www.ocean.udel.edu/people/profile.aspx?tehanson] or [http://www.dbi.udel.edu/People/hanson.html] [Hanson Web Pages]
==Current Students==
==Current Students==

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People        Protocols       


  • Thomas Hanson [1] or [2] [Hanson Web Pages]

Current Students



  • Amanda Barnard (Biological Sciences and Animal Sciences)
  • Yun-Fei Lou (Biological Sciences)

Former researchers


  • Rachael Morgan-Kiss, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Miami University [Morgan-Kiss Web Page]


  • Joy Lawani, Validation Specialist, Bio-Pharm Division, BE&K Inc
  • Nolberto Figueroa Matias, B.S. in Industrial Biotechnology, University of Mayaguez (Puerto Rico), technician at Amgen, Inc.
  • Talisha Cox, B.A. in Biology, Lincoln University, currently applying for graduate school
  • Tim Weber, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineer at Inteprod LLC