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Chemical and Biological Systems Engineering Laboratory

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Recent News

Best Methodology/Theory Paper Award (2005-2008) from the Journal of Process Control for Dr. Rudi Gunawan

Dr. Rudi Gunawan was recognized with the Best Methodology/Theory Paper in the period of 2005-2008 by the Journal of Process Control

<j>The Methodology/Theory Paper Prize 2005-2008 from the Journal of Process Control was awarded to Dr. Rudi Gunawan for the paper “Perspectives on the Design and Control of Multiscale Systems” (co-authored with Richard D. Braatz, E. Seebauer, and R.C. Alkire research groups at UIUC). The paper presented a systematic method to the design and control of multiscale systems, in which the precise control of events at the molecular and nanoscale level is carried out at the macroscopic length scale. Two key applications from the microelectronics manufacturing were highlighted, including the ultrashallow p-n junction formation through rapid thermal annealing and the copper electrodeposition. The award was presented at the recent IFAC World Congress 2008 in Seoul Korea.</j>