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(Microbiology and Molecular Biology)
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[[Gill:Plating out phage |Plating out phage]]
[[Gill:Plating out phage |Plating out phage]]
[[Gill:Preparing phage specimens for TEM |Preparing phage specimens for TEM]]
[[Gill:S. aureus genomic DNA isolation |S. aureus genomic DNA isolation]]
[[Gill:S. aureus genomic DNA isolation |S. aureus genomic DNA isolation]]

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Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Chung cells

Confirming phage via restriction digest and gel electrophoresis

Making frozen permanents

Making plate lysates

Phage enrichment

Phage genomic DNA extraction

Plating out phage

Preparing phage specimens for TEM

S. aureus genomic DNA isolation

Subculturing phage isolates

Solutions and Media Preparation

Lambda diluent (SM buffer)

10x Lambda diluent (no gelatin)

LB agar

LB broth

M9 agar

Supplemented M9 agar (M9sup)

Supplemented M9 broth (M9sup)

10 X M9 salts

10 X M9 salts + glucose

S liquid medium

TNA (Tryptone Nutrient Agar)


TNB (Tryptone Nutrient Broth)


TSA (Tryptone Soy Agar)

TSB (Tryptone Soy Broth)

T-top (0.5% agar)

Vogel-Bonner glucose (VBG) minimal medium

50X Vogel-Bonner salts