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[[Gill:Chung cells |Chung cells]] <br>
[[Gill:Making frozen permanents |Making frozen permanents]] <br>
===Solutions and Media Preparation===
===Solutions and Media Preparation===
[[Gill:TNA (Tryptone Nutrient Agar)]]
[[Gill:TNA (Tryptone Nutrient Agar) |TNA (Tryptone Nutrient Agar)]]
[[Gill:TNB (Tryptone Nutrient Broth)]]
[[Gill:TNB (Tryptone Nutrient Broth) |TNB (Tryptone Nutrient Broth)]]
[[Gill:TNA-SA |TNA-SA]]
[[Gill:Tris-HCl |Tris-HCl]]
[[Gill:Lambda diluent (SM buffer)]]
[[Gill:Lambda diluent (SM buffer) |Lambda diluent (SM buffer)]]
[[Gill:10x Lambda diluent (no gelatin)]]
[[Gill:10x Lambda diluent (no gelatin) |10x Lambda diluent (no gelatin)]]
[[Gill:TSB (Tryptone Soy Broth)]]
[[Gill:TSB (Tryptone Soy Broth) |TSB (Tryptone Soy Broth)]]
[[Gill:TSA (Tryptone Soy Agar)]]
[[Gill:TSA (Tryptone Soy Agar) |TSA (Tryptone Soy Agar)]]
[[Gill:LB broth]]
[[Gill:LB broth |LB broth]]
[[Gill:LB agar]]
[[Gill:LB agar |LB agar]]
[[Gill:S liquid medium]]
[[Gill:S liquid medium |S liquid medium]]
[[Gill:T-top (0.5% agar)]]
[[Gill:T-top (0.5% agar) |T-top (0.5% agar)]]
[[Gill:10 X M9 salts]]
[[Gill:10 X M9 salts |10 X M9 salts]]
[[Gill:10 X M9 salts + glucose]]
[[Gill:10 X M9 salts + glucose |10 X M9 salts + glucose]]
[[Gill:M9 agar]]
[[Gill:M9 agar |M9 agar]]
[[Gill:Supplemented M9 agar (M9sup)]]
[[Gill:Supplemented M9 agar (M9sup) |Supplemented M9 agar (M9sup)]]
[[Gill:Supplemented M9 broth (M9sup)]]
[[Gill:Supplemented M9 broth (M9sup) |Supplemented M9 broth (M9sup)]]
[[Gill:Vogel-Bonner glucose (VBG) minimal medium]]
[[Gill:Vogel-Bonner glucose (VBG) minimal medium |Vogel-Bonner glucose (VBG) minimal medium]]
[[Gill:50X Vogel-Bonner salts]]
[[Gill:50X Vogel-Bonner salts |50X Vogel-Bonner salts]]

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Chung cells
Making frozen permanents

Solutions and Media Preparation

TNA (Tryptone Nutrient Agar)

TNB (Tryptone Nutrient Broth)



Lambda diluent (SM buffer)

10x Lambda diluent (no gelatin)

TSB (Tryptone Soy Broth)

TSA (Tryptone Soy Agar)

LB broth

LB agar

S liquid medium

T-top (0.5% agar)

10 X M9 salts

10 X M9 salts + glucose

M9 agar

Supplemented M9 agar (M9sup)

Supplemented M9 broth (M9sup)

Vogel-Bonner glucose (VBG) minimal medium

50X Vogel-Bonner salts