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(Open positions in our group)
(Announcements from fellow groups)
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===Announcements from fellow groups===
===Announcements from fellow groups===
(received on April 28th 2011)
<b>Research Group Sven Danckwardt</b> <br>
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
<b>Topic:</b> Micro-RNA mediated regulation of mRNA processing during tumorigenesis
Ph. D. and MD positons available within the DFG Graduate College 1591 “Postranscriptonal
control of gene expression: mechanisms and role in pathogenesis”.
The interdisciplinary GRK1591 studies how the control of mRNA by RNA-binding proteins and
microRNAs directs gene expression. Studies focus on mechanisms of postranscriptonal control
and deregulaton of these processes in pathogenesis, and include an atractve study program
(for details see htp://www.medizin.uni-halle.de/cfi/index.php?id=428).
Applicatons and requests (incl. PDF of CV and relevant testmonies) should be sent to:
Sven.Danckwardt@medizin.uni-halle.de or grk1591@medizin.uni-halle.de GRK1591, ZAMED –
Molecular Cell Biology, Heinrich-Damerow-Str.1, 06120 Halle/Saale, Germany <br>
(Dr. Sven Danckwardt, MD. Tel:++49(0)345-5522915 Fax:++49(0)5522894).

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Open positions in our group

A traineeship position in Bioinformatics to work on RNA-seq data analysis is presently open.

Positions are open at the undergrad/post-grad level for the project "Regulation of mRNA metabolism by the U2AF and PTB splicing factors - novel mechanisms for the coordination of gene expression?"

For more information please contact: mgama at fc.ul.pt

Announcements from fellow groups