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DSCF3817.png Assistant Professor, Director, Research Laboratory, Digestive Disease and Nutrition Center,

Department of Pediatrics, State University of New York at Buffalo,

3435 Main Street, 422 BRB, Buffalo, NY14214

(716) 829-2191 (Office), (716) 829-2192 (Lab), (716) 829-3585 (fax), (510) 418-8754 (cell),

Research directions in the GI laboratory include, but are not limited to: 1) Mechanisms and regulations of signal transduction, membrane trafficking and cytoskeletal transformation during acid secretion by gastric parietal cells, 2) Genetics, immunology and cell biology behind the liver inflammation, fibrosis and cirrhosis, 3) Immunology of inflammatory bowl diseases. The ongoing research in the laboratory is focused on the genomics of non-alcoholic liver diseases and the cytoskeletal proteins in gastric parietal cells.