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DSCF3817.png Lixin ZHU Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Director, Research Laboratory, Digestive Disease and Nutrition Center,

Department of Pediatrics, State University of New York at Buffalo,

3435 Main Street, 422 BRB, Buffalo, NY14214

(716) 829-2191 (Office), (716) 829-2192 (Lab), (716) 829-3585 (Fax)

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GI Research laboratory is located in the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) of the University at Buffalo - SUNY, South Campus, a relatively new, well equipped research

facility, including 58 separate research modules. Our laboratory, located on the fourth floor (Rooms 422 and 426) of the BRB, occupies approximately 1,250 sq. feet of space.

Our laboratory is well equipped for research endeavors involving molecular biology and cell biology (refrigerated high-speed and low-speed centrifuges, thermal cycler, -20C

and -80C freezers, vertical and horizontal electrophoresis apparatus, Western blot transfer apparatus, cell culture hood and incubators, regular and fluorescence plate readers).

There is also a large shared equipment work area equipped with multi-photon confocal microscope, upright and inverted fluorescence microscopes, FACS, real-time thermal

cyclers, molecular imagers, nano-drop spectrometer, ultracentrifuges, gamma and beta counters, FPLC, HPLC and low temperature freezers.

All research laboratories are located in close proximity on six floors(about 10 lab for each floor), which fosters continuing interaction, discussion and exchange of

information between staff, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and technologists.

Our research interests span the broad areas of gastroenterology. Ongoing research projects include:

1、 Mechanism and regulation of gastric acid secretion

2、 Using gastric parietal cell model to study general cell biology

3、 Pathogenesis of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

4、 Pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)