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<font size=1>< [[Help:Contents|Help]]</font>
Here is how to rename an OpenWetWare page:
#Click on the [[Image:Movetab.png]] tab at the top of the page you want to move.
#In the '''To new title:''' box, enter your new page name.
#In the '''Reason''' box, enter a quick note about the reason.  For instance, adherence to [[Help:Page_naming_conventions | OWW naming conventions]] is a common reason for renaming pages.
#Click the [[Image:Movepagebutton.png]] button.
#You'll see the message: The page has been moved.
'''Note''' that moving a page automatically results in the old page becoming a redirect to the new page.  Thus, links to the old page will continue to function. 
To change links so that they point directly to the new page, do the following:
#Go to the new page.
#Click [[Image:Whatlinkshere.png]] on the left side of the page under toolbox. 
#You'll be taken to a list of pages that link to the page either directly or via a redirect. 
#You can then visit each of those pages individually and edit the links there so that they point directly to the new page name.

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