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Selected Publications

Nordin, D. et al. Revealing the selective interactions of fibronectin with lipid bilayers. Soft Matter (2011).

Chaudhry, B. et al. Nanoscale viscoelastic properties of an aligned collagen scaffold. Journal of Materials - Materials in Medicine 257-263 (2009).

Frankel, D.J., Chen, Q. & Richardson, N.V. Formation of hydrogen-bridged cytosine dimers on Cu(110). The Journal of chemical physics 124, 204704(2006).

Frankel, D.J. et al. Revealing the topography of cellular membrane domains by combined atomic force microscopy/fluorescence imaging. Biophysical journal 90, 2404-13(2006).

Manzanera, M. et al. Macroscopic 2D networks self-assembled from nanometer-sized protein/DNA complexes. Nano letters 6, 365-70(2006).

Burns, a R., Frankel, D.J. & Buranda, T. Local mobility in lipid domains of supported bilayers characterized by atomic force microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Biophysical journal 89, 1081-93(2005).

Chen, Q., Frankel, D.J. & Richardson, N.V. Chemisorption induced chirality : glycine on Cuf1 1 0g. Surface Science 497, 37-46(2002).

Chen, Q., Frankel, D.J. & Richardson, N.V. Self-Assembly of Adenine on Cu(110) Surfaces. Langmuir 18, 3219-3225(2002).

Chen, Q., Frankel, D.J. & Richardson, N.V. Dehydrogenation induced phase transitions of p-aminobenzoic acid on Cu „ 110 …. Journal of Chemical Physics 116, 460-470(2002).

Frankel, D.J., Chen, Q. & Richardson, N.V. Adsorption of α-pyridone on Cu(110). The Journal of Chemical Physics 116, 8988 (2002).

Chen, Q. et al. Linear dichroism electron scattering from chiral surfaces. Chemical Physics Letters 349, 167-171(2001).

Chen, Q., Frankel, D.J. & Richardson, N.V. Organic Adsorbate Induced Surface Reconstruction : p-Aminobenzoic Acid on Cu { 110 }. Society 8276-8280(2001).

Chen, Q., Frankel, D.J. & Richardson, N.V. Room-temperature surface structure of 4-aminobenzoic acid on Cu ( 110 ) surfaces †. Interface 43-48(2001).

Chen, Q. et al. The formation of enantiospecific phases on a Cu { 110 } surface. PhysChemComm 1-4(1999).