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PhD opportunities<br>
PhD opportunities<br>
1) Interfacing biological tissue with machines<br>
1) Interfacing biological tissue with machines<br>

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Welcome to the lab to new PhD student Hani Sallam. He received his Meng in Chemical Engineering from Newcastle and will be working on a project to interface living tissue with robots

PhD opportunities

1) Interfacing biological tissue with machines
2) Mimicking the cell membrane to interface biological systems with electronics
3) Building a living exoskeleton

HIV paper makes front cover of Soft Matter: SoftCover.jpg

Biorobot paper accepted!!

4 new papers in print related to protein unfolding

Welcome to the Lab to new PhD student Ana from Ecuador.

Cyberplasm receives media attention, here is the original press release living microrobot

Congratulations to Orr Yarkoni for passing his PhD viva for a thesis entitled "Engineering an inducible NO pathway to facilitate cell-electronics communication"

Congratulations to Darman Nordin for passing his PhD viva for a thesis entitled "Interaction of the extracellular matrix protein fibronectin with model cell membranes"