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<font size = 4>Why you really want to live in Tampa
Tampa and Central Florida are full of attractions -- many quite unexpected -- making it both a nice place to live and sometimes a most entertaining one.
One excellent source of information is a [http://uweb.cas.usf.edu/%7Ekscott/tampa.htm list maintained by my colleague KT Scott].
Additional attractions include:
*[http://www.gatorland.com/ Gatorland], with its famous gator jump-a-roo.
*[http://www.wmnf.org/events/index.php Concerts put on by WMNF radio]
*[http://www.roadsideamerica.com/map/fl.html Many Florida attractions]
*Live shows and movies at the [http://www.tampatheatre.org/ Tampa Theatre], named "the coolest theatre in the world" by [http://www.nataliemacmaster.com/ Natalie McMaster].
*[http://www.skipperssmokehouse.com/ Skipper's Smokehouse]
*[http://www.dinoworld.net/ Dinosaur World] in nearby Plant City.
*[http://www.roadsideamerica.com/tips/getAttraction.php3?tip_AttractionNo==249 Gibsonton, winter home for carnies].

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