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  • Measuring spatial dispersion, and mapping and analyzing it
    • A Nikon total station -- measures locations to < 0.5 mm accuracy!
    • Handheld differential GPS units (accuracy to within a few meters)
    • ArcGIS and several other mapping and spatial analysis programs

  • Experimental greenhouse. 1200 sq. ft. of bench space, at the USF Botanical Garden. Equipped with a reverse osmosis system.

  • Dendrochronology. A complete setup for dendro work, including microscopes, Velmex measuring stage, image analysis equipment, and the usual field and power tools.

  • Ecophysiology. Gas flux rig (LiCor 6400), Scholander bomb, Unispec, soil moisture meter (frequency domain reflectometer), and Li-Cor quantum sensor, light meter, and data logger.

  • Image analysis. Digital photography, state-of-the-art image analysis software.

  • Computing. Windows and Linux machines.

  • Quantitative tools. Mathematica, SAS, Matlab, Octave, S+, R.

  • Programming languages. C, C++, Fortran, Java, Python, Perl . . .

Nearby resources

  • Our lab is about a mile from the USF Ecological Research Area (Eco Area), a 1-sq mile forested preserve managed by our department.
  • The USF Botanical Garden, a few blocks from our building, hosts several studies in which we are involved and many others from other researchers, as well as our greenhouse.

Documentation for lab equipment and software, and some other things, is on the new lab wiki; login separately there if you have an account.