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{|border="0" cellpadding="5"
|<center><b><font size="5">Welcome to the Fox lab </font><br>
(Web site under active construction)<br>
<font size="3">[http://biology.usf.edu/ib/ Division of Integrative Biology]<br> [http://www.usf.edu University of South Florida]</font></b>
[[Image:Summer_TotalSta2.jpg |110px ]] [[Image:Tracy_and_Pole.jpg |190px]] <br>
<i>Mapping seedlings, [http://biology.usf.edu/ib/ecoarea USF Ecological Research Area]</i></center>
| <center><b><font size="5">Population biology<br>
Conservation biology<br>
Plant ecology & evolution</font></b></center>

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