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Circadian Clock

  • Nusinow DA, Helfer A, Hamilton EE, King JJ, Imaizumi T, Schultz TF, Farré EM, Kay SA (2011)The ELF4-ELF3-LUX complex links the circadian clock to diurnal control of hypocotyl growth. Nature 475:398-402.
  • Dong M, Farre EM, Thomashow MF (2011) CIRCADIAN CLOCK-ASSOCIATED 1 and LATE ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL regulate expression of the C-REPEAT BINDING FACTOR (CBF) pathway in Arabidopsis. PNAS 108(17):7241-6.
  • Farre EM and Kay SA (2007) PRR7 Protein levels are regulated by light and the circadian clock in Arabidopsis. Plant J 52 (3):548–560.
  • Para A, Farre EM, Imaizumi T, Pruneda-Paz J, Harmon FG, Kay SA (2007). PRR3 is a vascular regulator of TOC1 stability in the Arabidopsis circadian clock. Plant Cell 19:3462-3473.
  • ^Zeilinger MN, ^Farre EM, Taylor SR, Kay SA and Doyle FJ III (2006) A novel computational model of the circadian clock in Arabidopsis that incorporates PRR7 and PRR9. Mol Syst Biol 2: 58. ^Equal authorship; News and Views by Ueda HR (2006) Molecular Systems Biology 2.
  • Farre EM, Harmer SL, Harmon FG, Yanovsky MJ, Kay SA. (2005) Overlapping and distinct roles of PRR7 and PRR9 in the Arabidopsis circadian clock. Curr Biol 15(1):47-54.


  • Farre EM, Fernie AR, Willmitzer L. (2008) Analysis of subcellular metabolite levels of potato tubers (Solanum tuberosum) displaying alterations in cellular or extracellular sucrose metabolism. Metabolomics 4:161-170.
  • Farre EM, Tech S, Trethewey RN, Fernie AR, Willmitzer L. (2006) Subcellular pyrophosphate metabolism in developing tubers of potato (Solanum tuberosum). Plant Mol Biol. 62(1-2):165-79.
  • Tiessen A, Hendriks JHM, Stitt M, Branscheid A, Gibon Y, Farre EM, Geigenberger P (2002) Starch synthesis in potato tubers is regulated by post-translational redox modification of ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase: A novel regulatory mechanism linking starch synthesis to the sucrose supply. Plant Cell (14) 2191-2213.
  • Farre EM, Tiessen A, Roessner U, Geigenberger P, Trethewey RN, Willmitzer L (2001) Analysis of the compartmentation of glycolytic intermediates, nucleotides, sugars, organic acids, amino acids, and sugar alcohols in potato tubers using a nonaqueous fractionation method. Plant Physiology 127: 685-700.
  • Farre EM, Bachmann A, Willmitzer L, Trethewey R (2001) Sprouting of potato tubers is significantly accelerated by the expression of a bacterial pyrophosphatase. Nature Biotech 19(3):268-272.
  • Farre EM, Geigenberger P, Willmitzer L and Trethewey RN (2000) A possible role for pyrophosphate in the coordination of cytososlic and plastididal carbon metabolism within the potato tuber. Plant Physiology 123: 681-688.