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== <font style="color:#006400;">Past lab members ==
== <font style="color:#006400;">Past lab members ==
<h3><font style="color:#006400;">Past Lab Members</font></h3>
= Postdocs =
<h3><font style="color:#006400;">Postdocs</font></h3>

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Lab members

Lab Members

Eva Farre

Eva Farre
Assistant Professor

Linsey Newton

Linsey Newton
Research Assistant

Tiffany Liu
Graduate Student

Andrew Lapinsky
Undergraduate research fellow/ Plant Genomics Program
lapins19 (at) msu (dot) edu

Eric Poliner
Graduate student
polinere (at) gmail (dot) com

Tyler Messenger
Undergraduate research fellow

Past lab members



Jenny Carlsson: currently at the Swedish Gene Technology Advisory Board

Graduate students Saundra Mason

iGRAD students Tom Ruts: currently at BASF-Plant Science
Adrian Huelsewede

Undergraduates Nathan Galbreath: Undergraduate Lab Assistant, currently Research Assistant in the Kramer Lab (MSU)
Jesie Reemmer:Undergraduate Research
Jonathan Diehl:Undergraduate Assistant with the MSU Plant Genomcis Summer program
Becky Piaseki:Undergraduate Assistant, graduated from nursing school at University of Michigan
Laura Schroeder:Undergraduate Lab Assistant,MD PhD program at MSU
Rebecca Hopkins:Undergraduate Assistant with the MSU Plant Genomcis Summer program
Theresa Schallhorn:Undergraduate researcher/ Research & Teaching Program, currently teaching intern at Fowlerville Junior High School
Sam Ballard:Undergraduate volunteer
Tomomi Takeuchi: Research Assistant, currently graduate student in the Benning Lab (MSU)
Duncan McCodnald:Teaching & Research undergraduate researcher

Past rotation students Bethany Huot:Rotation student, CMB program, currently a graduate student in the Montgomery and He Labs
Neil White:Rotation student, BMB program, currently a graduate student in the Hoogstraten Lab
Alyssa Burkhardt:Rotation student, CMB program, currently a graduate student in the Day Lab (MSU)