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Open Positions

Part-time Laboratory Assistant Position in Plant Molecular Biology Laboratory

A part-time laboratory assistant position is available in the laboratory of EM Farre in the Department of Plant Biology for an undergraduate student in Computer Science, Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry or Molecular Biology. The Farre lab is focused on the study of circadian rhythms in plants (http://www.plantbiology.msu.edu/faculty/faculty-research/eva-farre). The laboratory assistant will assist in tasks in a molecular biology and biochemistry laboratory in the Department of Plant Biology. Tasks will include performing molecular experiments, planting and maintaining plants, lab maintenance, and assisting other scientists with experiments. Expected work effort 10-12 hours per week. The position is open as of September 1, 2008.

Desired Skills:

Student enrolled in biological sciences with the ability to work in a team environment, ability to work unsupervised, and demonstrated ability to show initiative. The student should have a basic understanding of chemistry and biology.

Application Information:

Send electronically (PDF format) a resume that includes education, experience, and relevant skills to: Eva Farre, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, Department of Plant Biology,166 Plant Biology, East Lansing MI 48824-1312, Email: farre@msu.edu