FCCT Biochemistry Lab:Lab Members

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Members of the Biochemistry group are:

  • Brigita Lenarcic, Assoc. Prof. (Head) - the protease inhibitors expert
  • Metka Renko, Assoc. Prof. (FCCT Vice-Dean) - the carboxypeptidases expert
  • Marko Dolinar, Asst. Prof. - the recombinant DNA expert
  • Vera Zupunski, PhD (currently postdoc with Cancer Research, London) - the evolution expert
  • Nika Lovsin, PhD (currently postdoc at UCSF) - the retroposons expert
  • Petra Prijatelj, PhD - the phospholipases expert
  • Jernej Palcic, PhD student (1st year) - not expert yet, but on his way to lipocalin expert ;-)
  • Matjaz Malavasic, tehnician - the busy man