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Our group members contribute to the following courses within Univ. of Ljubljana:

Biochemistry Undergraduate Programme

  1. Biochemistry (1st year) Brigita Lenarčič (Fundamentals) (Handouts)
  2. Biochemistry (2nd year) Metka Renko (Metabolism), Marko Dolinar (Molecular Biology; Biochemistry Seminar)
  3. Enzymatics (3rd year) Brigita Lenarčič (Handouts)
  4. Recombinant DNA Technology (4th year) Marko Dolinar (Theoretical and (elective) Practical Course) - see TrDNA wiki for the theoretical part and Practicals wiki for the laboratory part)
  5. Molecular Immunology (4th year) Metka Renko (selected topics)
  6. Biological Membranes (4th year elective) Marko Dolinar (selected topics & seminars)
  7. Food Chemistry and Biochemistry (4th year elective) Metka Renko (selected topics), Marko Dolinar (selected practicals)
  8. Regulation of Metabolism (4th year elective) Metka Renko (selected topics)

Chemistry Undergraduate Programme

  1. Biochemistry (3rd year) Metka Renko (Fundamentals & Metabolism; Biochemistry Seminar), Marko Dolinar (Molecular Biology Topics)
  2. Enzyme Technology (4th year elective) Brigita Lenarčič (Theoretical and Practical Course) (Handouts)
  3. Biochemistry II (4th year elective) Petra Prijatelj (for practical course see a separate wiki)

Pharmacy Undergraduate Programme

  1. Biochemistry (3rd year) Brigita Lenarčič (Fundamentals), Metka Renko (Metabolism and Molecular Biology)

Laboratory Biomedicine Programme

  1. Biochemistry (3rd year) Metka Renko

Biomedicine Postgraduate Programme

  1. Selected Processes in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1st year) Marko Dolinar (topics in module 2: Structure and Function of Biological Molecules) - check selected seminars

Planned within Biochemistry MSc Programme

  1. Synthetic Biology (1st year graduate programme) - check SB worldwide information page

Chemistry and Chem. Engineering Programme - starting in 2009/10

  1. Molecular Fundamentals of Life Sciences (1st year) Marko Dolinar basic information

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