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FCCT Biochemistry Lab is formally organized as Biochemistry Chair (in the traditional European meaning of the word) and is involved in teaching biochemistry courses for students of chemistry, pharmacy, biochemistry and laboratory biomedicine. We also teach enzymology, recombinant DNA technology and conduct in part several other theoretical and practical courses.

Our research is focused on two main topics: proteinases & inhibitors and snake toxins & evolution. For decades, research work was performed within the J. Stefan Institute Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Additionally, we are planning to start our own topic on allergens and a collaboration on humanization of monoclonal antibodies.

In 2006, we will participate at the international genetically engineered machine competition (iGEM2006).

Group Members

Brigita Lenarcic, Assoc. Prof. (Head) - the protease inhibitors expert

Metka Renko, Assoc. Prof. (FCCT Vice-Dean) - the carboxypeptidases expert

Marko Dolinar, Asst. Prof. - the recombinant DNA expert

Vera Zupunski, PhD (currently postdoc with Cancer Research, London) - the evolution expert

Nika Lovsin, PhD (currently postdoc at UCSF) - the retroposons expert

Petra Prijatelj, PhD - the phospholipases expert

Jernej Palcic, PhD student (1st year) - not expert yet, but on his way to lipocalin expert ;-)

Matjaz Malavasic, tehnician - the busy man

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