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# [http://ww2.chemistry.gatech.edu/~lw26/ Williams Lab]
# [http://ww2.chemistry.gatech.edu/~lw26/ Williams Lab]

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Evolution at Tech

Seminar series to bring scientists of Georgia Tech interested in understanding evolution


All talks take place in IBB Suddath Room, between 3-5pm.

Date Speaker Title
11/02/2013 Eryn Bernardy (Hammer Lab) "Evolution of an epidemic: Cholera in Haiti"
10/02/2013 Karl Glastad (Goodisman Lab) TBA
09/04/2013 Michael Cortez (Weitz Group) "The eco-evolutionary dynamics of predator-prey systems: How does evolution alter community level population dynamics?"
05/23/2013 Todd Streelman "Developmental constraints on genome evolution in adaptive radiation"
Soojin Yi "Epigenomic evolution of human brains and the origins of neuropsychiatric diseases"
04/23/2013 Lavanya Rishishwar (Jordan Group) "Ancestry, admixture & selection in an Afro-Colombian genome"

  • Subscribe to the Evo@Tech mailing list here.
  • Interested in presenting your work? Contact Betul Kacar <betul.kacar@biology.gatech.edu> and Soojin Yi <soojin.yi@biology.gatech.edu>.
Evo Tech (an artistic interpretation)

 No seminars during summer. We will resume back in September.
 Special thanks goes to Marc Pline for helping with the room arrangements!

Current members

  1. Finn Group
  2. Gaucher Group
  3. Gibson Lab
  4. Goodisman Lab
  5. Hammer Lab
  6. Jordan Lab
  7. Kostka Lab
  8. McGrath Lab
  9. Streelman Lab
  10. Yi Lab
  11. Weitz Lab
  12. Williams Lab

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