European Cetacean Society

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The European Cetacean Society

The European Cetacean Society (ECS, established 1987) was first internet-enabled in the pre-web days of 1992. It has been present ever since with mail, mailing lists [1] and a web site [2].


  • to promote and co-ordinate the scientific study and conservation of cetaceans;
  • to gather and disseminate information to members and the general public.


The European Cetacean Society (or ECS for short) was formed in January 1987 at a meeting of 80 scientists interested in cetaceans (whale and dolphin) from 10 European countries. A need was felt for a Society that brought together people from European countries studying cetaceans in the wild, allowing collaborative projects with international funding. Ten years later already hundreds of members from tens of countries fill the ranks!

The ECS is present on the internet since pre-web 1992. Students make up about 50% of the membership, proving the essence of the ECS: to bring students and scientists together to improve in and collaborate in marine mammal science. This collaborative site, OpenWetware, will assist in helping ECS students and scientists alike to help each other. This is 'Science 2.0' as it should be.