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Eric Meltzer is a student working on the UCSF iGEM project.  He just graduated from Palo Alto High.
==Combinatorial Cloning==
Combinatorial cloning is an advanced form of DNA magic.  By praying to the gods of the Qiagen corporation, one can hope to combine many pieces of DNA at once, into one long strand of "hyperDNA."
==RNA vs DNA==
RNA is:
DNA is:
*Certainly not cute.
Humans have a lot of [[DNA]] within them, that's why they're mortal. Ghosts, vampires, Gods and beavers are all immortal. That's not because they have some kind of super-natural power. It's only because they use RNA instead of [[DNA]]. The shitty DNA that most people have within them give them awful diseases such as [[cancer]], [[AIDS]], the flu, headaches and even death. So in order to rediscover the human's true potential, they've got to eat a lot of RNA (such as glass or [[french people]]). Just say NO to [[DNA]].

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