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'''A BioBricks part:'''
'''A BioBricks part:'''
<center>'''The Standard BioBrick Format'''<br><br>-----E--X---Part---S--P-----</center>
Vector with upstream part - S,P
Vector with upstream part - S,P

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A BioBricks part:

The Standard BioBrick Format


Vector with upstream part - S,P

Downstream Insert - X,P

Upstream Insert - E,S

Vector with downstream part- E,X

E= EcoRI
X= XbaI
S= SpeI
P= PstI


Very small (<100kb) inserts have shown to be difficult to remove from a gel purification. It is recommended that during assembly very small pieces be kept on the vector and larger pieces be used as inserts if possible. Otherwise just use 3A assembly or Amplified Insert Assembly.