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{|cellspacing="5" cellpadding="10" style="background:#3674C2; width: 750px;"
|[[Image:Tlm.jpg|left|frame|[[Endy:Research|RESEARCH]]]]||[[Image:Trm.jpg|left|frame|[[Endy:Lab Members|FOLKS]]]]
|[[Image:Blm.jpg|left|frame|[[Endy:Reprints|PAPERS]], [[Endy:Talks|TALKS & VIDEOS]], [[Endy:Software|CODE]]]]||[[Image:Brm.jpg|left|frame|[[Endy:Contact|CONTACT]]]]
'''Endy Lab: http://mit.edu/endy/'''<br>
[http://web.mit.edu MIT] [http://mit.edu/be/ Biological Engineering]<br>
[http://maps.google.com/maps?q=31+Ames+St,+Cambridge,+MA+02139&hl=en 31 Ames Street, 68-564D, Cambridge, MA 02139]<br>
<font color="white">[[Endy:Back Door| The Back Door]]</font><br>
[[The BioBricks Foundation]]<br>
[http://parts.mit.edu Registry of Standard Biological Parts]<br>
[http://www.syntheticbiology.org/ Synthetic Biology Community Website] or [http://openwetware.mit.edu/index.php?title=Synthetic_Biology WIKI]<br>
[http://web.mit.edu/synbio/release/conference/ SB2.0, 2nd Conference on Synthetic Biology], UC Berkeley, May 2006<br>
[[iGEM2005:Main Page|2005 iGEM Competition]] <br>
[[Synthetic Genomics Study]]<br>
[[Synthetic Society]] Working Group<br>
[http://www.molsci.org/alpha/ The Alpha Project]<br>
<font color="gray">images adapted from [[Samantha Sutton]] (c.2003)</font><br>
== General Information ==
<font color="gray">[http://web.mit.edu/endy/www/index.2005.html old static webpage ~2005]</font><br>
<font color="gray">[http://endy.openwetware.org dewikified version of this page]</font>
[http://www.stanford.edu/~endy Endy Lab]<br>
[[Endy:Contact|Contact Info]]<br>
[http://bioengineering.stanford.edu/ Department of Bioengineering]<br>
[http://www.stanford.edu Stanford University] <br>
== Who We Are and What We Do ==
[[Endy:Lab Members|Lab Members]]<br>

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General Information

Endy Lab
Contact Info
Department of Bioengineering
Stanford University

Who We Are and What We Do

Lab Members