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I would like to propose that we start a regular Journal Club.

Benefits of having a regular Journal Club:

  • We will explore current research topics more deeply through discussion than by individual reading.
  • We will be exposed to new topics that we wouldn't normally flag ourselves.
  • We will become more knowledgeable of other Endy/Knight lab projects.
  • We will discuss more papers than the sporadic one or two per year that we read under the current Journal Club model.

I know that we have tried holding regular Journal Clubs in the past, and that they all fizzled. So I would like to propose a new format that would perhaps be more sustainable:

  • Meet once or twice per month
    • We would meet on the same day of the week at the same time, so it would become a habit (like group meeting).
  • Assign each journal club to one club member
    • This person would be in charge of selecting a paper and leading the discussion.
    • We could assign slots in a similar manner to group snack (a duty which is never neglected, hehe)
  • Invite people from outside the Endy/Knight labs, who may have an interest in our topics of discussion.
    • This might freshen up the meetings, so it isn't always the same group with which we always hang out.

I would love to hear any thought you guys might have about this.


  • Whoever is leading JC should be prepared to present the paper in brief to set up discussion. (This lowers the barrier for people to attend JC.)
  • JC should be recorded on the wiki to generate summaries of important papers and allow ongoing/archived discussions.
  • Papers to be discussed could be selected from a "wishlist" that everyone contributes to. Seconding suggested papers will determine the level of interest.

If you are interested in participating in a regular Journal Club, please sign up below:

(Name, topics of interest)