Endy:Victor3 plate reader/detection limits and linear range

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Recent experiments have brought the linear range of the machine into question. Chris Quinlan (of Perkin Elmer) provided the following information about the plate readers detection limits.

  • Fluorescein MDL (Minimum detectable level) - 2fMoles/well. Using 200[math]\mu[/math]l per well this corresponds to 10pM
  • (Perkin Elmer) believe the machine has a five decade linear range. This means concentrations up to [math]/mu[/math]M should be read linearly.
  • For higher concentrations, use a smaller volume.
  • The emission of Fluorescein relative to GFP is not yet known. We also do not know how the emission of purified fluorophores relates to the emission of fluorophores in vivo