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(Data Interpretation)
(Data Interpretation)
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==Data Interpretation==
==Data Interpretation==
[[Endy:Basic data analysis on a plate reader|Basic data analysis]]
[[Endy:Basic data analysis on a plate reader|Basic data analysis]]<br>
[[Endy:Measuring PoPS on a plate reader|Measuring PoPS]]
[[Endy:Measuring PoPS on a plate reader|Measuring PoPS]]

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The Perkin Elmer Victor3 Plate Reader is located in 68-558d. The manufacturer website is located here


Barry Canton is the point man in the Endy Lab if you would like to use this machine.

Usage Notes

Detection limits and linear range

Lamp energy

Absorbance labels

Arranging samples

Excel macro to hasten data processing

Variation in repeated measurements

Plate variation


Counteracting evaporation in long time courses

Data Interpretation

Basic data analysis
Measuring PoPS

When things go bad

  • Instrument serial number - 4206012
  • Perkin Elmer Contact - 8007624000 (add a 91 prefix from an MIT phone). Choose option 3 and option 3 again to talk to tech. support.
  • Endy:Victor3 Service History