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(When and where)
(When and where)
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====When and where====
====When and where====
*Day: TBD
*Day: TBD
*Time: Noon-1p
*Time: TBD
*Location: TBD
*Location: TBD

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Endy Lab Meetings

When and where

  • Day: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Location: TBD


Brent 3/22/13 Ton 3/29/13 Paul 4/5/13 Monica 4/12/13 Marc 4/19/13 Drew 4/26/13 Linda 5/3/13 Jerome 5/10/13


A short PDF here introducing:

  • How to get the most from your Group Meeting presentation
  • Tips for making better presentations