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Genetic Data Storage

We are focused on the development of engineered DNA systems that are capable of data storage inside living systems. Our work to-date has focused on non-volatile recombinase addressable data (RAD) storage made by using serine recombinases to target reversibly-invertible chromosomal data registers. We are interested in scaling genetically-encoded data systems from from a few bits to a few bytes.

Synthetic Biology

Our overall long term goal is to help make biology easy to engineer, an area of research known as synthetic biology.

Research Background & Context, Additional Materials

The many and diverse dissertations from past students in the lab, their peer-reviewed published articles, and our written perspectives and other published projects are all freely available online. We hope that students who are interested in exploring and taking forward their own research projects in the lab will be informed and inspired by the curiosity and independence of past student's work. We hope that others who are interested in understanding, contributing to, or constructively criticizing the lab's work make full use of our published record.