Endy:Preparing Antibiotic Stocks

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Stocks & Usage

  • Stock Concentration - 5mg/ml in 70% Ethanol
  • Aliquots - 200μl and 1ml
  • Working Concentration - 20μg/ml

Preparation of 80ml stock solution

  • Tetracycline is kept in the 4C fridge in 68-564D. It is light sensitive.
  • Weigh 400mg of tetracyline HCL into a small weigh boat.
  • Dilute 95% Ethanol to 70% using milliQ water.
    • Adding 20ml of milliQ to 60ml of 95% ethanol gives 80ml of 71% ethanol.
  • Add 80ml of 70% Ethanol to a 250ml bottle.
  • Add the tetracycline HCL to the ethanol.
  • Mix/vortex vigorously so all the tetracycline goes into solution.
  • Filter sterilize the solution into a falcon tube using a 20ml syringe and a 200nm filter.
  • Aliquot into pcr tubes and 1.7ml eppendorfs.
  • Store at -20C and protect any unused stock solution from light.
  • Store the small aliquots in the small box and the big aliquots in the larger box.