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The current lab members can be reached by going to their user page and looking at what their username is. All the pages should have User:X near the top of the page, where X is the username. Email X@mit.edu to reach any particular member.


Barry Canton

Kelly Chang

Caitlin Conboy

Isadora Deese

Drew Endy

Jeff Gritton

Bryan Hernandez

Heather Keller

Jason Kelly

Sriram Kosuri

Ania Labno

Alex Mallet

Bjorn Millard

Josh Michener

Francois St-Pierre

Samantha Sutton

Ilya Sytchev

Ty Thomson


Jennifer Braff

Sean Clarke (on first-year sabbatical?)

Sara Neves

Lauren Leung

Jessica Harpole

Leon Chan

Maia Mahoney

Natalia Luckyanova

Danny Chen

Jose Pacheco

Vid Thayalan

Grace Kenney

Alison Hearn

From left to right, top to bottom, Sean Clarke, Austin Che, Heather Keller, Samantha Sutton, Josh Michener, Barry Canton, Ty Thomson, Jennifer Braff (front), Jessica Harpole (rear), Ilya Sytchev, large glacial deposit.