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(MIT Era)
(SynBERC 2009)
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*[[Endy:SynBERC_Posters_Page | Posters Page]]
*[[Endy:SynBERC_Posters_Page | Posters Page]]
[[MIT Era]]
[[Endy:Racing | 2008 Silvendy Slugfest]]
[[Endy:PiP|Papers in Progress]]
[[Endy:Building 68 kitchen stocks|Kitchen stocks]]
[[Endy:Data storage|Data storage]]
[[biostuff@mit.edu]] <-- Reagent, equipment, and know-how request mailing list
[[Endy:Who rules the forest?]]
[[How to Ship a Package]]
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Group Meeting

Lab Meetings - Time, location, and schedule listed here! Making group meetings more effective

Lab Life Responsibilities

  • TASKS:
    • Lab Meetings: room reservation, scheduling of speakers, managing the clock (Ton)
    • 1% agarose (TBD depends how we want to proceed e.g. common/personal stock or make it each time)
    • Sharps (Monica)
    • Librarian (Books / Catalogs / Software / Manuals) (Cesar)
    • Preparing Antibiotic Stocks (Francois)
    • Qiagen or other kits (Jerome)
    • Enzymes (Jerome)
    • Strains (Jerome & Francois ? make an inventory and a stock)
    • TAE / TBE / MilliQ (Jerome)
    • Pouring Agar plates (TBD probably a rotation could be good)
    • Preparing TOP10 competent cells
    • Hazardous waste removal]] (no real need yet)
    • Glassware (Elizabeth)
    • Ordering / Inventory of Supplies (Jean/Elizabeth)
    • Pipette Tip Box Recycling (Elizabeth)
    • Autoclaving culture plates (Elizabeth)
    • Washroom User Protocols (Elizabeth)
    • Microscopes (Francois)
    • Plate reader (Monica)
    • Centrifuges (Ton)
    • Hot plates / dri-baths / waterbaths (Ton)
    • -20C Freezers, -80C freezers, fridges, cold room (Francois & Monica?)
    • System backup (Cesar)
    • Lab Printers (Cesar)
    • MilliQ station? (Jerome)
    • Shared Space with Smolke Lab
    • Gel Area (Elizabeth)

Proposed Lab Life Responsibilities

Journal Club

SynBERC 2009