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[[Endy:Meetings with UROPs]]
[[Endy:Meetings with UROPs]]
[[How to Ship a Package]]
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Group Meeting

Lab Meetings - Time, location, and schedule listed here!

Lab Life Responsibilities

  • TASKS:
    • Lab Meetings: room reservation, scheduling of speakers, managing the clock (Lance)
    • 1% agarose (TBD depends how we want to proceed e.g. common/personal stock or make it each time)
    • Sharps (Monica)
    • Librarian (Books / Catalogs / Software / Manuals) (Cesar)
    • Preparing Antibiotic Stocks (Francois)
    • Qiagen or other kits (Jerome)
    • Enzymes (Jerome)
    • Strains (Jerome & Francois ? make an inventory and a stock)
    • TAE / TBE / MilliQ (Jerome)
    • Pouring Agar plates (TBD probably a rotation could be good)
    • Preparing TOP10 competent cells
    • Hazardous waste removal (no real need yet)
    • Glassware (Elizabeth)
    • Ordering / Inventory of Supplies (Jean/Elizabeth)
    • Pipette Tip Box Recycling (Elizabeth)
    • Autoclaving culture plates (Elizabeth)
    • Microscopes (Francois)
    • Plate reader (Monica)
    • Centrifuges (Ton)
    • Hot plates / dri-baths / waterbaths (Ton)
    • -20C Freezers, -80C freezers, fridges, cold room (Francois & Monica?)
    • System backup (Cesar)
    • Lab Printers (Cesar)
    • MilliQ station? (Jerome)
    • Shared Space with Smolke Lab
    • Gel Area (Elizabeth)

Proposed Lab Life Responsibilities

Journal Club

SynBERC 2009


2008 Silvendy Slugfest

Stanford Lab

Papers in Progress


Kitchen stocks

Lab Supplies

Lab Chores

Lab Safety

Group Meetings

Notes for Meetings - Snack Schedule now listed here!

Making group meetings more effective


Journal Club

October 2005

Suggested Journal Club Format

Recent Papers of Interest

Event Planning

Endy:Ilya goodbye party


Endy:Lab Treat 2006 <-- what's your availability?

Endy:Lab clean up

Endy:Holiday party <-- seeking imput!

ICSB Conference <-- Registration closed. Tutorials and Workshops may still be open.

2005 Summer Retreat <-- closed topic, see the pictures!

SuperGroup <-- closed topic, we'll be joining SuperGroup for the '05/06 academic year as per GM discussion

Ron Weiss Visit


Endy:011806 Lab Meeting


Data storage

biostuff@mit.edu <-- Reagent, equipment, and know-how request mailing list


Waste Disposal


Endy:Who rules the forest?

Endy:FSP's prelim practice talk




Endy:Meetings with UROPs

How to Ship a Package

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