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The Ellis Lab is actively involved in advancing foundational synthetic biology and applying synthetic biology to a variety of different research areas. Our research is interdisciplinary, with members coming from biology, chemistry, maths and engineering backgrounds. The laboratory is part of CSynBI, The Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation and The Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College, London. The major focuses of the lab are studying the construction of regulatory networks and understanding how to build a designer genome from parts.

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Latest News

  • Oct 2013: Rhys's model that captures translation burden is now up on ArXiv QBio
  • Sep 2013: Our paper on Spinach RNA aptamer for characterising gene expression is now out in ACS Synthetic Biology
  • Aug 2013: We're hiring! Looking a bioinformatics grad to work on synthetic yeast.
SB6.0 Conference

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