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[http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/products/productR0101.asp EcoRI from NEB]
[http://www.neb.com/nebecomm/products/productR0101.asp EcoRI from NEB]
[http://www.promega.com/catalog/catalogproducts.asp?catalog_name=Promega_Products&category_name=EcoR+I&cookie%5Ftest=1 EcoRI from Promega]

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Recognition site



NEBuffer EcoR I


  • Improving the efficiency of EcoRI/SpeI Double Digest.
  • Reaction Volumes - I used to have very inconsistent results when digesting with EcoRI, using the 20μl reaction volume. Using the Knight Lab's 50μl mix has recently given good results. I haven't tested this enough to say it is a statistically significant result. --BC 13:39, 2 Jun 2005 (EDT)


EcoRI from NEB EcoRI from Promega