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(June 14, Programme meeting)
(June 14, Programme meeting)
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===June 14, Programme meeting===
===June 14, Programme meeting===
* Plan mid-winter Christmas party/farewell Jolene
* Plan mid-winter Christmas party
===June 21, Organisation===
===June 21, Organisation===
===June 28, Coffee===
===June 28, Coffee===

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Where and When

All lab meetings are held in the Pathology Museum Area, Hercus 1st floor, on Wednesdays from 4-5pm, unless otherwise noted.

The schedule of DGG Lab meetings for the remainder of the first semester is outlined below: presenters can give an update about their own work, OR do a Journal Club-style talk about an interesting paper, OR report on interesting stuff from any conferences attended.


March 8, Organisation

March 15, Coffee

March 22, Aaron

March 29, no meeting


April 5, Jane (cancelled, now on May 10)

April 12, Organisation

<showhide>Agenda__HIDER__ <hide>

  1. Biosecurity Training
  2. Follow-up on April 5 DGG meeting (if time);
    • Improving top down communication flow within DGG.
      • CRC website usage for disseminating information.
      • Wikipedia for our lab group. (done, AJ 12/04/2006)
      • NZSO conference attendance (Mike to send on info).
    • DSM has large pool of spare money for research use.
      • source of funding for equipment/travel etc.
      • Mike to let DGG know when DSM RAC meetings are.
  3. Department communication
    • Path email list needs moderated (actually, that's "un-moderated", and has been done. AJ).
    • Swipe card access work.
  4. Other business
    • Alternative venue for weekly lab meeting.
    • 1st floor photocopier location.
    • generate expertise list for CRC or wiki.
    • protocols to go on CRC website (PDF format).
    • Minutes of DGG organisation meetings need recorded (who)?


April 19, Shujie

April 26, Jody (postponed)


May 3, Jess (and Jody)

  • Other Items
    • Biohazard Trash
    • Lab glassware

May 10, Jane

May 17, Organisation

<showhide>Agenda__HIDER__ <hide>

  1. Quick wiki tutorial by AJ.
  2. Other business (list below)
    • DSM equipment money?


May 24, Coffee

May 31, Grace

  • Grace, then comments from Mike et al. re place in the programme.


June 7, Hayden/Nicki

  • IBSC audit reminder

June 14, Programme meeting

  • Plan mid-winter Christmas party

June 21, Organisation

June 28, Coffee