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Welcome to the Dunn Lab homepage!

Our lab is interested in studying force-dependent biological systems using a variety of biophysical methods. You can check out our published work, our blog, learn about the broader impacts of our work, and find contact information using the toolbar at the top of each page. Though it is still under construction, please feel free to peruse our site and shoot us an email if you have any questions.


  • Month of July: Lots of great news! First, Arjun and Emerson published a paper in JACS; here's the link. Congrats guys!

Secondly, Nicolas, Olga, and Maria published a paper in PNAS , and this paper was chosen for a Stanford press release.

Dunn lab new icon mini.png

  • 04/24/12: Armen was awarded the NSF GRFP Fellowship! Congrats!

  • 02/27/12: Masatoshi Morimatsu has joined our lab as a postdoc! He has come from Japan where he did his graduate work in the Yanagita lab. Welcome!

  • 02/24/12: The Dunn lab takes a trip to San Diego for the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting!
  • 12/20/11: The Dunn lab published a new paper! Get it while it's hot. Congrats Arjun and Armen!
  • 10/17/11: Arjun and Jack presented their work at the 2011 AIChE conference. Check out the blog for more info!
  • 09/23/11: Armen, Alice, and Maggie passed their quals. Congrats guys!
  • 09/6/11: Raj Nambiar joined our lab. Welcome Raj!
  • 05/27/11: Craig was awarded Bio-X Fellowship. Congratulations!
  • 04/11/11: Jack and Alice were awarded NSF Fellowships. Congratulations!
  • 04/04/11: Armen, Alice and Maggie joined our lab. Welcome!
  • 1/19/11: The Dunn lab published its first paper!!! Congrats Arjun and Jack!
  • 12/16/10: Alex was awarded a Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) seed grant for the 2010-2011 year!!
  • 11/12/10: Arjun gave a talk at the AIChE Conference titled "Effect of Force on collagen-proteolysis by MMP-1".
  • 9/17/10: Diego, Jack and Craig all passed their qualifying exams. *High fives*
  • 6/28/10: Jack was awarded a Stanford Cardiovascular Institute Fellowship. Congrats Jack!
  • 5/25/10: Arjun was awarded a Stanford Graduate Fellowship. Congrats Arjun!
  • 4/12/10: Alex published a new paper in PNAS. Get it while it's hot.
  • 4/5/10: Diego was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Nicely done Diego!
  • 4/2/10: Two new students passed their pre-quals and joined our lab. Welcome Craig and Jack!
  • 3/25/10: Professor Dunn was awarded a grant from the Digestive Disease Center at Stanford for 2010-2011. Congrats Alex!
  • Sometime in 2009: David Altman left to us to start his own lab at Willamette. Good luck David!

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