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[http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/olc/dl/120080/bio26.swf lac operon]
[http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/olc/dl/120080/bio26.swf lac operon]
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJNoTmWsE0s Telomere Replication]

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Bio Web

AP Biology

Standard Biology


Anatomy and Physiology

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Science Club

Sharon High School

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Jim Dixon's Biology Web

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Welcome to my Biology Web!
Here you will find links to the courses I teach at Sharon High School as well as links to interesting science web sites we'll use throughout the year. I'll add more as the year goes on.

General Links

Many great biology animations

More great biology animations

Many great A&P animations

Harvard HHMI outreach (animations)

AP Bio animations

Bozeman Science web casts (explaining A&P systems and AP Bio labs)

Rediscovering Biology


AP Bio virtual labs

Biology Glossary

Another biology glossary

Suffixes and Prefixes

MA Science Frameworks

Sharon Biology Standards

Molecular Genetics links:

DNA structure

Griffeth and Avery experiments (and other material on discovery of DNA0

Hershey-Chase Experiment

Watson, Crick, Chargraff, Franklin, and Wilkins contributions

DNA Replication does not fully work but good animations on DNA structure and lagging strand

Another DNA Replication animation

Replication video

Another Replication animation

Meselson and Stahl experiment

Protein Synthesis


Regulated transcription


Video of Transcription and Translation

Another on Protein Synthesis

tryptophan repressor

lac operon

Telomere Replication

Heredity Links

DNA Interactive

DNA from the Beginning

Your Genes, Your Health

Learn Genetics


Human Genome

Bioinformatics tools

Genetic disorders with different ethnic group frequencies

Health and Physiology Links

Inside Cancer

National Institute of Cancer

Cancer links

Discover Vital Signs

Calorie counter

BMI calculator

BMR calculator

Fast Food Nutrition Info

Family Doctor.org

Medline Plus

Medical Dictionary

Visible Embryo

Cell Biology and Biochemistry Links

Inner Life of a Cell

Stem Cells

The Virtual Cell

Cells Alive!

Ecology Links

E.O. Wilson on saving life

Evolution and Taxonomy Links

Encyclopedia of Life

PBS Evolution Site