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(Cell cycle control in Maize endosperm)
(Publications on polyploidy and hybridization)
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=Publications on polyploidy and hybridization=
=Publications on polyploidy and hybridization=
[http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=dilkes%20B%20%5BAU%5D Pubmed link]
#Henry2009 pmid=19603060
#Walia2009 pmid=19559614
#Dilkes2008 pmid=19071961
#Pignatta2008 pmid=18725969
#Henry2007 pmid=17465685
#Henry2006 pmid=16995901
#Josefsson2006 pmid=16824920
#Henry2005 pmid=15944363
#Dilkes2004 pmid=15579806
=Cell cycle control in Maize endosperm=
=Cell cycle control in Maize endosperm=

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Publications on polyploidy and hybridization

Pubmed link

Cell cycle control in Maize endosperm

Pubmed link to Maize endosperm cell cycle control papers

Role of Brassinosteroids in development

Pubmed Link to Brassinosteroid Papers