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Dilkes Lab Members

Dr. Charles Addo-Quaye Post-Doctoral Researcher, Sorghum genomics, sequence based bioinformatics and applications to crop genetics and improvement.
Billy Boone Undergraduate, Genetics of lethality supression in Arabidopsis hybrids.
Dr. Elizabeth Buescher Post-Doctoral Researcher, Maize quantitative genetics and DNA sequencing applications to crop genetics, the genetics of the interploidy barrier in maize.
Heidi Blubaugh Undergraduate Student, Utility of seed failure as a sensitive reporter of epigenetic state in plants.
Brian Dilkes Assistant to the chief, head revisionist, and frugalist.
Tena Graham Lead Pragmatist, plant genius and molecular biologist.
Macarena Silva Ph. D. Student, secondary metabolites mediate conflicts between adaptation to abiotic stress and disease resistance in Brassicaceae.
Samuel T. Smith Undergraduate Student, Genetics of seed failure in maize.
Elisabeth Svedin Ph. D. Student, genetic mechanisms of post-zygotic isolation and the evolution of polyploidy in Arabidopsis.

<pie 3d title="Status of lab eats Brian 2012" size=300x150 xlabel> Everybody, 8 Brian, 1 </pie>

Lab Alumni

Ji Nyeong Cheon Visiting Ph. D. Student from Seoul National University, Evolution of phytohormone metabolism across 600 million years of diversification.
Dr. Vijay Chaikam Post-Doctoral Researcher, Maize ploidy manipulation, doubled haploid breeding technology improvement and mechanism.
Currently an Associate Scientist working on doubled haploid technology at the Global Maize Program at CIMMYT, Texcoco, Mexico. Way to go Vijay!
Norman Best Undergraduate Student, maternal effect mutations in maize.
Currently Ph. D. Student at Purdue University.
John Foster Undergraduate Student, Mapping of interploidy QTL effects in maize.
Currently Undergraduate Student at Purdue University....but could be shipped overseas any day now.

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