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(New page: {{Template:Dilkes}} Brian Dilkes and the Davis 'Ploids<br> [http://www.genomecenter.ucdavis.edu UC Davis Genome Center] <br> GBSF room 4409<br> 451 E. Health Sciences Dri...)
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[[User:Bdilkes|Brian Dilkes]] and the Davis 'Ploids<br>
[[User:Bdilkes|Brian Dilkes]] and the Purdue 'Ploids<br>
[http://www.genomecenter.ucdavis.edu UC Davis Genome Center] <br>
[http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~bdilkes/ Dilkes Lab homepage at Purdue] <br>
GBSF room 4409<br>
WSLR room B022<br>
451 E. Health Sciences Drive<br>
170 S University Dr.
Davis, CA 95616
Purdue University<br>
West Lafayette, IN 47901
Lab Phone: (530) 752 8658  Fax: (530) 754-9658<br>
eMail: bdilkes [http://hell2u.com/plugins/MivaMerchants/merchant.mvc? tohellwithspammers] ucdavis.edu
eMail: bdilkes [http://www.hell2u.com/content/directions-hell-mi tohellwithspammers] purdue.edu

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Brian Dilkes and the Purdue 'Ploids

Dilkes Lab homepage at Purdue
WSLR room B022
170 S University Dr. Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47901

eMail: bdilkes tohellwithspammers purdue.edu