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Lab Instrument Assignments Please note that these people are NOT solely responsible for the maintenance of these machines. If a problem arises, let these people know so that they can take appropriate action (inform Maria, communicate with the techs, etc...)

  • Fluorolog: Erin
  • UV-VIS: Emily
  • Speedvac: Amanda
  • DNA synthesizer: Erin/Emily
  • HPLC and E-chem station: Velu
  • Lyophilizer: Erin/Annamaria
  • PCR cabinet and gel units: Emily/Annamaria
  • Thermocycler and pH meter: Amanda
  • QCM: Amanda
  • Mini Incubator and Shaker: Kayla/Erin (when Kayla isn’t here)
  • 310 & 311 Fridge (Fisher), Gel imager cabinet: Amanda
  • All centrifuges (micro and benchtop): Kayla/Amanda (if Kayla is away)
  • All vortexers, sonicators and ovens: Kayla/Emily (if Kayla is away)
  • All balances and rotovaps: Emily

(Rm 122 equipment):

  • Flowhood, DI water system and Autoclave: Emily/Amanda F
  • -80 freezer: Erin
  • Consumables inventory: Tannis, Darren, Rachel, Rochelle, Erin C.