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* [[DataONE/Summer 2010/Research questions|Summer 2010 research questions and plans]]
* [[DataONE/Summer 2010/Research questions|Summer 2010 research questions and plans]]
* [[User:Valerie_Enriquez/Notebook/DataONE_Web_resources|Data citation resources page]]
* [[User:Valerie_Enriquez/Notebook/DataONE_Web_resources|Data citation resources page]]
* [[User:Nic_Weber/Notebook/DataOne_Dryad_ProjectProposals|Nic Weber's project page]]
* [[DataONE:Notebook/Data_Citation_and_Sharing_Policy |Nic Weber's project page]]
* [[User:Sarah_Judson|Sarah Judson's home page]]
* [[User:Sarah_Judson|Sarah Judson's home page]]
* [[DataONE:Notebook/Reuse_of_repository_data|Reuse of repository data page]]
* [[DataONE:Notebook/Reuse_of_repository_data|Reuse of repository data page]]

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This DataONE OpenWetWare site contains informal notes for several research projects funded through DataONE. DataONE is a collaboration among many partner organizations, and is funded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) under a Cooperative Agreement.


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DataONE summer internship program

DataONE has a summer internship program in 2010.

The researchers sharing their open notes here are working on the following project(s):

Project: Study of Data Citation Practices and Data Management Plans


Scientists in the academic workplace rely on publishing in peer reviewed journals and the citations to their work help gain tenure and promotion. Research funding for scientists is increasingly tied to requirements for data management plans. Barriers to data sharing exist in both of these areas: the lack of common standards or practices for data citation to ensure scientists are recognized for their work in collecting and compiling datasets; and the lack of understanding about what makes an effective data management plan. This project will study current levels of data citation and acknowledgment practices, as well as current efforts for the creation and evaluation of data management plans in earth and environmental sciences. In addition, it will compile relevant best practices in both areas and make recommendations for best practices now and into the future. Anticipated products include the an analysis of citation and data reference practices, a review of existing materials on barriers to data sharing and reuse, an initial draft of a paper suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal analyzing sharing and reuse barriers, and informational materials suitable for use by scientists to describe best practices (including a listing of exemplar data management plans).

  • Primary mentors:
    • Suzie Allard (University of Tennessee)
    • Maribeth Manoff (University of Tennessee)
    • Heather Piwowar (NESCent)
    • Todd Vision (NESCent/U North Carolina)
    • Bruce Wilson (ORNL/UT)
  • Qualifications/skills needed: Applicants should have experience searching citation index systems such as Web of Knowledge and/or Scopus and strong literature searching skills.
  • Skills to be learned: Improved understanding of scientific citation methods, improved writing and analysis skills, analysis of behavioral patterns.


Feel free to respond to questions or proposed tasks by preferably by using "Talk" or by creating a nested page or subsection associated with the original notes/transcript. Please do not edit the original text unless you clearly indicate your comment in italics and with your initials.

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