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Dahlquist Lab Yeast Transcription Factor Resources

This page displays a compiled list of yeast transcription factor resources. Included are data on transcription factor target genes and transcription factor regulatory networks in yeast, links to web servers providing easy-to-use TF searches and other potentially helpful resources.

TF Network Data

  • TF-Target interactions through DNA damage response

Measured binding locations of damage-related transcription factors (including Cin5) after exposure to MMS. Validated by checking against binding in knock-out strains for TFs. Paper has a map of the network, and the supplemental material is downloaded but needs to be sifted through.

  • From Workman, Christopher T., et al. A systems approach to mapping DNA damage response pathways. Science 2006. 1054-1059. PubMed
  • TF Network though systematic deletions

Performed microarray analysis of knockout strains for many transcription factors and compared expression profiles to determine regulatory relationships. Have a link to supplementary data, need to search through to find information.

  • From Hu, Zhanzhi, et al. Genetic reconstruction of a functional transcriptional regulatory network. Nature Genetics 2007. 39:5. 683-687. PubMed

Web Servers

  • MYBS Mining Yeast Binding Sites

The search regulatory associations function allows the user to input a list of genes of interest and search for candidate transcription factors that regulate the list of genes. Allows filtering according to multiple criteria.

  • From Tsai, HK, et al. MYBS: A comprehensive web server for mining transcription factor binding sites in yeast. Nucleic Acids Research 2007. PubMed
  • TFSVM Transcription Factor Support Vector Machine

Allows user to input either a single transcription factor to get a list of regulated target genes or a single gene to get a list of transcription factors that regulate that gene. Can also filter according to p-value.

  • From Holloway, DT, et al. Classifying transcription factor targets and discovering relevant biological features. Biology Direct 2008. 3:22. PubMed
  • YEASTRACT Yeast Search for Transcriptional Regulators and Consensus Tracking

Multiple tools are provided on this server. Those of interest include a search for regulatory relationships either by transcription factor or by target gene. Applies a different algorithm to find new regulatory relationships in previously published data from Lee, Harbison, Tan and Workman.

  • From Monteiro, PT, et al. YEASTRACT-DISCOVERER: new tools to improve analysis of transcriptional regulatory associations in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nucleic Acids Research 2008. PubMed