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*Columns CK,CL,CM belong to the 224973.txt chip at t=60hrs.
*Columns CK,CL,CM belong to the 224973.txt chip at t=60hrs.
*Column CN is the standard name of the gene.
*Column CN is the standard name of the gene.
=== How to use MatLab===

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Alondra's Notebook

January 26, 2010

  • Set up user page on OpenWetware
  • Saved Schade data and pdf file to flash drive

Schade Data Organized

  • Column A has the systematic of all the genes.

Note: The next columns will be presented in groups of three for an specific chip. The columns are broken down into normalized, raw, and control data (in that order).

  • Columns B,C,D belong to the 257659.txt chip at time(t)=0.
  • Columns E,F,G correspond to the 257720.txt chip at t=0.
  • Columns H,I,J belong to the 258333.txt chip at t=0.
  • Columns K,L,M belong to the 12164589.txt chip at t=10minutes.
  • Columns N,O,P correspond to 12164610.txt chip at t=10minutes.
  • Columns Q,R,S belong to the 12164813.txt chip at t=10min.
  • Columns T,U,V belong to the 12251647.txt chip at t=10min.
  • Columns W,X,Y belong to the 12251674a.txt chip at t=10min.
  • Columns Z,AA,AB belong to the 12251693.txt chip at t=10min.
  • Columns AC,AD,AE belong to the 12251985a.txt chip at t=10min.
  • Columns AF,AG,AH correspond to the 257384.txt chip at t=30min.
  • Columns AI,AJ,AK belong to the 257657.txt chip at t=30min.
  • Columns AL,AM,AN belong to the 257661.txt chip at t=30min.
  • Columns AO,AP,AQ belong to the 257662.txt chip at t=30min.
  • Columns AR,AS,AT belong to the 258277.txt chip at t=30min.
  • Columns AU,AV,AW belong to the 258317.txt chip at t=30min.
  • Columns AX,AY,AZ correspond to the 275072.txt chip at t=2hr.
  • Columns BA,BB,BC belong to the 275130.txt chip at t=2hr.
  • Columns BD,BE,BF belong to the 275146.txt chip at t=2hrs.
  • Columns BG,BH,BI belong to the 275151.txt chip at t=2hrs.
  • Columns BJ,BK,BL belong to the 12251635.txt chip at t=12hrs.
  • Columns BM,BN,BO correspond to the 12251649.txt chip at t=12hrs.
  • Columns BP,BQ,BR belong to the 12251956.txt chip at t=12hrs.
  • Columns BS,BT,BU belong to the 12251987.txt chip at t=12hrs.
  • Columns BV,BW,BX belong to the 185234 .txt chip at t=60hrs.
  • Columns BY,BZ,CA belong to the 185389.txt chip at t=60hrs.
  • Columns CB,CC,CD belong to the 223342.txt chip at t=60hrs.
  • Columns CE,CF,CG belong to the 223809.txt chip at t=60hrs.
  • Columns CH,CI,CJ belong to the 224911.txt chip at t=60hrs.
  • Columns CK,CL,CM belong to the 224973.txt chip at t=60hrs.
  • Column CN is the standard name of the gene.

How to use MatLab