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This information can also be found at the Dahlquist Lab Courses page at Loyola Marymount University.

Spring 2013

Biology 398-03: Biomathematical Modeling/Mathematics 388-01: Survey of Biomathematics

Biology 478: Molecular Biology of the Genome

Fall 2011 Courses

Biology 201: Cell Function

Section BIOL 201-01: MWF 9:00-9:50 AM, Pereira 140

Section BIOL 201-03: MWF 10:00-10:50 PM, Pereira 207

Description: The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the core concepts of cellular biology that needed to succeed in upper-division biology courses. The overall theme for this course is how structure implies function for macromolecules and cells. Course topics include: cellular and sub-cellular structures and functions, DNA and RNA structure and function, protein synthesis and structure, enzyme function, metabolic pathways, and membrane function.

Currents Students: For syllabus and course information login to MyLMU Connect, formerly known as Blackboard (or via MYLMU)

Biology 368: Bioinformatics Laboratory

Section BIOL 368-01: W 1:00-4:50 PM, Seaver 120

BIOL368/F11 site on this wiki

Previous Courses

  • Spring 2011 Courses
  • Fall 2010 Courses
  • Spring 2010 Courses
  • Fall 2009 Courses
    • Biology 201-01, -02: Cell Function
    • Biology / Computer Science / Honors 398-01: Biological Databases
  • Spring 2009 Courses
    • Biology 478: Molecular Biology of the Genome
    • Honors 240-01: On the Nature of Things
  • Fall 2008 Courses
    • Biology 201-01: Cell Function
    • Biology / Computer Science / Honors 398-01: Biological Databases
    • Biology 398-01: Bioinformatics Laboratory

Problem Space: Analysis of Prostate Cancer DNA Microarray Data

  • GenMAPP Prostate Cancer Exercise Part 1
  • GenMAPP Prostate Cancer Exercise Part 2 (MAPPFinder)
    • This part of the exercise can be completed independently of Part 1 by downloading the GenMAPP Expression Dataset <Hs_ED_ProstateCancer_20060130.gex> from GenMAPP.org using the Data Acquisition Tool from within the GenMAPP program.
    1. Launch GenMAPP.
    2. Select the menu item, Data > Download Data from GenMAPP.org
    3. Expand the "Expression Datasets" folder, and click on "Homo sapiens" to see the file.
    4. Check the box next to the filename.
    5. Click the Start button to download.