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Illumina GA Data Management

Short read toolbox. Many of our projects use short-read data from the Illumina Genome Analyzer 1 & 2. Brian Knaus in our lab has developed a number of scripts for managing and analyzing short-read files and data.

Illumina GA DNA-Seq

DNA_Seq Prep. Our research group has developed several methods for sequencing small genomes (mitochondria, chloroplasts, BACS) in multiplex using Illumina GA2. This page provides details on DNA-Seq library construction.

Illumina GA RNA-Seq

RNA_Seq Prep. We do mRNA-sequencing using methods developed by Todd Mockler's group at Oregon State University. This page provides details on RNA-Seq library construction.

Illumina GA Hyb-Seq

Hyb_Seq Prep. Like many groups, we've developed customized approaches to enrich rare genomic targets for high-throughput sequencing. Our method for isolating chloroplast genomes by Hyb-Seq is detailed here.

Random Lab Methods

Lab_Methods. DNA extraction, RNA extraction, gels, and short cuts... all here

References on the Illumina GA Sequencer