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===Insectary Cleaning Rota 2007===
'''Jobs to be completed throughout week:'''
*General cleaning of the insectary. Sweep and mop the floor using a little soapy water (please do not use bleach).
*Empty bin adn refill with new red bag.  If bin does not need changing today, change whenever necessary throughout week.
*Wipe down (again using soapy water) and tidy main selves of room 625.
*Refill glucose falcon tubes.
'''Rest of week'''
*Ensure that insectary is kept in a respectable state.
*Ensure enough gloves, white tissues and blue towels are present.
*Keep a general eye on other items that are running low.
*Ensure general maintenance of insectary is satisfactory.
'''Insectary Cleaning Rota:'''<br>
'''February 2007'''
*Mon 19th: Niki
*Mon 26th: Kalle
'''March 2007'''
*Mon 5th: Phi
*Mon 12th: Hilary
*Mon 19th: Flaminia
*Mon 26th: Jason
'''April 2007'''
*Mon 2nd: Lietta
*Mon 9th: Ann
*Mon 16th: Niki
*Mon 23rd: Kalle
*Mon 30th: Phi
'''May 2007'''
*Mon 7th: Hilary
*Mon 14th: David
*Mon 21st: Jason
*Mon 28th: Lietta
'''June 2007'''
*Mon 4th: Ann
*Mon 11th: Niki
*Mon 18th: Kalle
*Mon 25th: Janis
'''July 2007'''
*Mon 2nd: Phi
*Mon 9th: Hilary
*Mon 16th: David
*Mon 23rd: Jason
*Mon 30th: Ann
'''August 2007'''
*Mon 6th: Niki
*Mon 13th: Kalle
*Mon 20th: Janis
*Mon 27th: Phi
'''September 2007'''
*Mon 3rd: David
*Mon 10th: Jason
*Mon 17th: Ann
*Mon 24th: Niki

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